OSH Web site

740px × 700px

This Web site was designed as part of a presentation for OSH’s vendor subsidy program to illustrate the potential of advertising on osh.com.
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Absolute-Croatia photo layouts

740px × 700px

Layouts consist of selected photos from contributors, stock sites and my own photos to create exciting and bold online photo spreads.


BBRS Web site

740px × 700px

Designed and developed for WordPress, this dynamic content management site can be easily updated by employees who do not have a Web design background.

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Credit Card sign package

22″ × 28″

Lobby card graphic for OSH’s store credit card is an element from a larger sign package which included: graphics for the registers, shelf graphics, specialty die-cut graphics, and three different lobby cards. The concept was inspired by the early 1900’s Sachplakat poster, whose stark and simple layout featured a main object, and minimal text, if any.


Absolute Croatia Advertising Presentation

11″ × 8.5″

My position at Absolute Croatia required much flexibility and creativity, but because of our broad target age, I exercised caution with my design. In order to entice potential advertisers, to our site we highlighted some of our features in an interactive PDF brochure. Maintaining a clean style, while displaying dramatic photography synchronized the look of the marketing brochure to that of Absolute Croatia’s branding.

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Ignite Presentation

32-page letter-size book

The senior class in San José State’s advertising department, annually forms “agency” teams who compete against one another for a “client.” Despite our lacking verbal presentation, our team still won first place, based primarily on the research, creative campaign and design presented in our book. Our team’s roles were flexible: on paper I was the Creative Director, but unlike other teams we worked together, taking on other tasks as necessary to reach the end goal. Despite my title, I ended up designing many of our ads, shooting all the photography and laying out our entire book.

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Home Delivery sign package

22″ × 28″

Lobby card graphic for OSH’s new home delivery venture is an example of a complete signage package which included: shed toppers, bbq toppers, tent signs, outdoor banners and more. The dynamic layout was content-driven, designed to stand out against existing signage.


Camera Cinemas Metro ad campaign

6″ × 5″

Much of Camera Cinemas’ advertising is concentrated in local newspapers. Every low-resolution newspaper ad must be designed to stand out amidst the sea of visual noise, while conveying multiple messages and maintaining legibility during the low-quality mass production.


Camera Cinemas gift card

3.5″ × 2″

For the local theatre’s new gift card design, I snapped a long-exposure photo of film reels strewn on the floor by a hurried projectionist. While the photo alone was striking, in order to prevent customer confusion between the new card and an existing black card, I desaturated the photo and applied a duotone in maroon and lavender.


Downtown Doors 2007 invitation

6″ × 4″

Every year the Downtown Foundation in San José showcases a student art exhibit, cultivating art in local high schools and beautifying downtown. After designing the invitation, I was asked to also create a complementing program. Here the challenge was arranging artworks of disparate sizes together in a layout plus setting a larger amount of type on the inside cover. A grid system helped organize the pieces, and compose the typographic content.


KSCU Program Guide front and back cover

11″ × 8.5″

Every quarter I designed a new cover for the program guide. This was third in a series of DJ caricatures that helped promote the station, and personify our volunteers.


BBRS logo


Karen Yang logo


KSCU logo

The arrow logo I designed appeared on T-shirts, badges, fliers, program guide covers, bottle openers, and screen ads.


Caslon Poster

20″ × 15″

For this typography project the objective was to showcase our favorite font in a poster using only typography. Dating back to the 1700s, Caslon was set by hand in a printing press, as suggested in the rectangular layout of the text. An aged yellow and maroon ink were chosen to convey aged parchment.


Poster Series

11″ × 14″

Maintaining consistency, while allowing for flexibility, is a common hurdle when designing a series. These posters challenged me to create an attention-grabbing image with only type and two colors, that would be recognizable to the viewer month to month. It had to be obvious that the posters are of the same series, and flexible enough to accommodate varying degrees of information.